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For more information about our security systems, contact the team today at Solar Security in Leicester.

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About Us

Solar Security is a dedicated company committed to safeguarding both homeowners and businesses. Our primary objective is to offer security solutions that are not only competitively priced but also of the highest quality. At the core of our mission is a deep-seated passion for security. We are driven by the desire to create a sense of safety and reassurance among our customers, sending a clear message to potential burglars that we prioritise protection and will staunchly defend our homes and loved ones. So whether you need CCTVs or burglar alarms, contact our team today.

Our overarching goal is to empower individuals to enjoy peace of mind within the confines of their homes and the premises of their businesses. We firmly believe that everyone should have the opportunity to relax and unwind in their homes and run their businesses without the constant worry of security threats. We are dedicated to protecting properties that hold significance not only to our clients but also to the broader community.

Security System
Fingerprint Access

Contact us today for more details about our commercial security services

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For more details about our domestic security services, get in touch today.

Police Car Lights

Speak with our team today about our Police Monitored Alarm Systems.

Excellent service by Solar Security Team. Solar Security completed a full survey before the installation and recommended the right CCTV and alarm system. Highly recommended for any security system.
5 star service. Also, excellent after sale service.


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Years Of Experience

​To ensure the safety and trust of our customers, we go the extra mile in vetting our installers. Every member of our installation team undergoes a rigorous Criminal Records Bureau (CRB) check to guarantee your protection. Furthermore, we provide them with identifiable credentials, allowing you to independently verify their identity. This additional layer of security provides you with the peace of mind that you are working with qualified and trustworthy individuals who share our commitment to your safety and security.

Call: 07971 063479

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In conclusion, Solar Security is more than just a security company; we are a dedicated partner in helping you protect what matters most. Our focus on affordability, quality, and trustworthiness reflects our unwavering commitment to creating secure environments for our valued customers, their families, and their employees, ultimately fostering peace, comfort, and confidence within homes and businesses alike.

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Call us on 07971 063479 or email us at

Call us on: 07971 063479

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