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Domestic Security Services And More

Contact our Leicester team at Solar Security for details about our domestic security services. We're always happy to help.

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Specialist Security Services

CCTV is just one of the first steps we use to enhance the security of your homes. This method of security allows you to ensure the safety of your loved ones and your home at any time whilst also promoting a visual deterrent to those uninvited guests. We at solar security offer a range of possible options which are catered to what you want and how much security you require for your home. Our wide variety of options assures that you find a product that is right for you regardless of the price, we provide the balance between quality and affordability.

Trustworthy and Reliable

CCTV can be motion activated. This can be coupled with recorded footage which would be activated or triggered by motion. This added feature means that instead of having to constantly record footage your security system pinpoints occasions that are a cause for concern and thereby minimise the amount of time spent looking through the footage. However constant recording of footage is still a viable option if this is the most effective method for security.

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Easy Accessibility

The security of your home can be monitored from where you are through the use of your tablet, computer or smartphone increasing your accessibility. Email alerts can also be sent to your chosen device with updates on the security of your home. This technique is also used to alert you of a potential break in and that the police have additionally been notified.

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Call us on: 07971 063479

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